"My children have each attended KCC since they were 8 weeks old. It’s tough going to work leaving an 8 week old baby in someone else’s care, but I immediately felt comfortable at KCC. It’s a warm, fun, cheerful environment and it’s clear that the children there are happy and engaged.
The teachers and staff have immeasurable patience and compassion and it is obvious that their main concern is the safety and well-being of the children in their care.
As my children have grown and progressed through the different classrooms at KCC I have seen them become more and more excited about going to “school.”
Many times when I arrive for pickup, they don’t want to leave. They love their school, teachers and friends.
KCC is more than just daycare. Its reading, learning, playing and growing."

"Kaleidoscope has been a fantastic place to watch our children grow. From the infant room up to the toddler rooms, our children have been exposed to wonderful, developmentally appropriate experiences. We can't say enough about how caring and loving all the teachers and staff are."